Cash Management Receivables

Choose from our wide range of collection services that can help improve your cash flow.

Eletronic Funds Transfer - Debits

Reduce the time and cost involved in collecting and processing your recurring receivables by collecting payments directly from your customer's accounts.

How It Can Work For Your Business:

Eliminates the time and cost of mailing and preparing invoices

Eliminates the collecting and depositing of received cheques

Removes cash flow uncertainty

Reduces clerical work and errors

Eletronic Funds Transfer - Credits

Save time and money in making payments such as payroll, annuities, pension plan payments, dividends and investment interest by disbursing payments to your receivers’ accounts on the selected due date at any financial institution in U.S.

How It Can Work For Your Business:

Eliminates the cost associated with cheque production and reconciliation

Reduces postage and/or distribution expenses

Decreases staff time spent on administration

Enhances cash flow forecasting

Provides quicker access for your employees to their funds

Payment Receiver Service

Consolidate both your payments and remittance information daily and receive it in the format of your choice without having to invest in expensive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology

How It Can Work For Your Business:

U.S. Dollar payments only

Reduces costs for tracking items as information delivered will be in a consistent format

Enables greater efficiencies with easy-to-read and interpretable reports

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture provides a convenient and secure method to deposit eligible items right from your office using a computer and compatible scanner. This ensures you no longer have to worry about getting to the bank by closing time to make your deposits.

How It Can Work For Your Business:

Save time with fewer trips to the bank

Deposit capability from multiple business locations where you have a computer and compatible scanner set up

The ability to deposit eligible USD cheques to your PALOALTO accounts

Same-day deposits for eligible cheque images received by TD by 7:30 pm EST on a business day

Retail Lockbox

This service can accelerate your company’s receivables collection and accounts receivable posting process for high volume mailed payments. Your customers’ payments are directed to a specific PALOALTO post office box. PALOALTO collects and processes the payments daily and deposits the funds into your PALOALTO business account the same day.

How It Can Work For Your Business:

Payment information is provided to you through a variety of options to suit your needs.

Consolidated and comprehensive reporting from multiple lockbox sites

Processing of post-dated payments up to 365 days

PALOALTO Merchant Solutions

We offer expert advice and payment processing solutions that will keep pace with your business growth. Our Relationship Managers will take the time to understand your business and provide you with the right solution.

Trusted advice and expertise

A straightforward sign-up process with transparent costs and no surprises

How It Can Work For Your Business:

Get quick access to your transaction funds on the next business day, when set up with an operating account

Real-time authorized transaction information with Online Reporting