Wealth Management


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Building Wealth

Your prime wealth-building years are a time for firming up and in some cases resetting long-range goals such as putting your kids through school or buying a second home. You’ll also want to look ahead to retirement and begin to build a fiscally sound foundation to ensure that your assets are preserved for your heirs.

At this stage of your life, effective financial planning is paramount. It can help you see exactly where you are, where you want to be and what steps you need to take to get there—providing a sense of clarity about your finances, your investments and your financial future.

A PALOALTO Private Wealth Management advisor will work with you to help you understand your evolving priorities and make sure you have the right financial plan in place. We will help you structure a diversified and tax-efficient investment portfolio that reflects your specific goals, risk tolerance and time frame. We will also help you leverage our lending and specialized banking services and explore solutions for education financing, retirement and estate planning.