Wealth Management


530 Lytton Ave 2nd Floor,
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Paloalto Wealth Advising

At PALOALTO, our advisors take a different approach to financial planning — one that’s grounded in process, but with a far more personal touch.

The basic objective of our financial planning process is to distill the complex universe of financial choices down to the critical few recommended actions that will most positively impact your financial well-being, and then to help you prioritize those actions so you can successfully achieve them.

All effective financial planning begins with identifying and prioritizing your objectives and then moves to gathering and analyzing data, evaluating strategies, identifying an action plan and ultimately executing on it.

This is all brought together and managed through our innovative PALOALTO Wealth Advising online planning solution that combines advanced planning functionality and cutting-edge account integration technology to give you an unprecedented view of your total financial picture and guide you along your financial planning path.

PALOALTO Wealth Advising provides you with:

  • Simplicity – a single online snapshot of all your assets and your progress towards financial goals.
  • Confidence – provides a clear, comprehensive understanding of your finances and how potential decisions and market changes will impact them.
  • Convenience – all your vital financial documents stored safely and securely in the online Vault, for easy access and sharing.

PALOALTO Wealth Advising allows you to:

  • Access data from multiple accounts electronically, giving you one complete view of all your assets.
  • Calculate your assets and liabilities to provide your net worth at a glance, taking into consideration cash, credit card, investment accounts, insurance, loan balances and property values.
  • Track your spending across multiple categories, including preset categories and custom categories you create based on your unique situation.
  • Examine “what-if” scenarios related to spending habits, implications of changes to economic climate and more with basic modeling tools.
  • Set alerts to let you know when you’re straying from goals.