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Personal Lines of Credit & Loans

Want to consolidate bills or buy something big? We offer fast and easy access to money.

Personal Line of Credit

Use savings, CDs and investments as collateral on secured lines of credit or do an unsecured line of credit

Variable interest rate and interest-only monthly payments

Gives you the flexibility to draw against the line of credit as you need it

Use it to meet ongoing borrowing needs, manage cash flow, consolidate bills or more

Personal Loan

Use savings, CDs and investments as collateral on secured loans or do an unsecured loan

Borrow a set amount with fixed monthly payments

Use it to meet a one-time borrowing need or to consolidate high-interest balances or more

Quick & easy application process

Personal Loan

A Savings & Investment Secured Line of Credit or Loan gives you the opportunity to continue earning on assets while borrowing at a low rate. With an Unsecured Line of Credit or Loan you can borrow without putting up any collateral.

Relationship Benefits

Receive a 0.25% rate discount when your payment is deducted from a PALOALTO checking account, using Auto BillPayer.

Receive an additional 0.25% discount with a Preferred or Enhanced PALOALTO checking account.